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El Paso Murals

El Paso murals of Segundo Barrio. Click here for a map of the location of these murals. Such fine examples of Chicano art, laden with the struggles, beauty, culture and heritage of the border region. Also laden with massive amounts of occult symbolism. For example, the true meaning of the cross...

This next mural I really like. Notice the infinity symbol, meant to signify the interconnectedness of everything and also to show that time is not really linear as we experience it, except to those of us on this plane of low-vibratory existence. Notice the divine goddess, or sacred feminine entity sharing cosmic, infinite consciousness with the young girl.

Comandanta Ramona from the EZLN, los Zapatistas. More political than symbolic, I hope everyone wakes up and takes a firm stance supporting the indigenous peoples of the world. I believe that the powers that be, the white (possibly alien) hands behind the scenes trying to rule the world for centuries have made a concentrated effort to extinguish the indigenous peoples of the world in an effort to ultimately extinguish their knowledge: of our true origins, about "star people", that we are all connected, the holographic nature of the universe, the truth of plant spirit medicine and our relation to a living earth and all the smaller spirit beings connected to her.

More from the sacred feminine, divine goddess, mother earth here represented as a tree person, shown here sharing her light, the halo behind her head a long-used symbol used to denote that this is an enlightened being. I first noticed this in the art of the byzantine era, as seen in the art at the Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. The halo, which now is depicted as a weird little gold ring atop the heads of Jesus and Saints, was originally a disk behind their heads to show their attainment of spiritual illumination.

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